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English summary

The Confederate Light Artillery, or Artillerygroup was founded in early 2006 in Finland. It is a group of people interested in the American Civil War who wanted to start re-enacting the life of the Civil War soldier.

Almost from the beginning, it was clear that it would be the artillery that we would re-enact. The purpose of the Confederate Light Artillery is to make the history of the Confederate artillerymen come to life.

The Artillerygroup is quite strict where the authenticity is concerned. The patterns and materials of the soldiers' original wardrobe are carefully studied and used when making, or purchasing the uniforms that are worn.

The gun of the Artillerygroup is M1837 Mountain Howitzer. The carriage was built by Armistead, a member of the group. The wheels were alredy here, and the barrel was ordered from Kanonen Zimmermann, Germany.

To finance it's operation, the Artillerygroup will perform in suitable events, such as rendezvous and period battles. When the cannon fire is too loud, the group has a wide variety of Civil War small arms to be fired too. The group also has a complete set of camping equipment a Confederate soldier would have used. Performances of the Confederate Light Artillery in any event will be a sight not easily forgotten.

If you wish to contact the Confederate Light Artillery, please go to the page "Yhteystiedot" and see the e-mail address. If you wish to look at the photos, choose the page "Kuvat".

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